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Shalini Jeet

Managing Director & Master Problem Solver

Shalini has been the backbone of Goodwill Bookkeeping Services from the very beginning, making sure we’re as organized and effective as possible in managing our clients bookkeeping needs. You can count on Shalini to be with you every step of the way.

Shalini is 100% focused on helping Trade Professionals (Tradies) and small business owners obtain freedom and financial independence by empowering them to focus on their expertise while she deliverers hers.”

Shalini Jeet is an accountant from Auckland, New Zealand and her love for helping small to medium tradie and any construction service based  business owners reach their optimum growth and success. She worked in New Zealand's most prominent industries for the last 25 years. Her business exposure lead her to the realisation that her bookkeeping knowledge could be used to help more than just one employer but, instead help many small businesses succeed.

Today, Shalini helps businesses set up structure, and organize their financial data to see and understand those numbers and make pivotal growth decisions.

Shalini specializes in system implementation with cloud based technology which further streamlines trades business owners transparent ownership of their business systems and processes.

“Successful business owners have implemented cloud based systems for live on-time financial clarity hence providing business owners to operate effectively without having to worry about their finances or day to day operations”

I would be delighted to speak with you about how I can help you manage your financial tasks in your business.