About Us

Goodwill Bookkeeping Services specializes in accounting and bookkeeping services throughout the Auckland area. In addition, we specialize in payroll, we have the skills, knowledge, and charisma to handle all of your bookkeeping needs. We are ready to tackle any financial challenges that you may have as your bookkeeper.

Our Mission

To give individuals and businesses the clarity and confidence to see your books and understand your numbers

Our Vision

To help entrepreneurs focus and succeed 100% in their trade while I take the stress and burden away from their financial task

Why Work With Us

Small business owners in all industries want more time to live the life they have worked so hard to build. That can mean more time to be creative in their business, more time to build operations, or more time to spend with family. Although we cannot control how much time we have, we can control how we use it. The key is to use cloud based technology in your favor.

Many small business owners find themselves spending so much of their valued time tracking their finances with no real clarity in sight. It can almost feel like running a marathon with no definition of where the finish line is, meaning that…

✅You spend your time trying to run an operational business while also running behind your finances to make sure it was all recorded.

✅Making decisions based on an estimate of what you have in the bank and not what you have available to spend according to your books.

✅Feeling uninformed about the real costs your business incurs on a monthly basis.

✅Not being able to budget or forecast because you haven’t caught up with entering financial data into your software.

✅Having to access three or more different software packages to reconcile transactions.

With everything else already on your mind, this just adds more stress and pressure. Not at all what you pictured when you thought about being your own boss.

How do I know this? Before I started my business I worked with organizations that had little to no accounting software in place. This was a hindrance not just to the owner but to those around them also trying to do the best job they could.   I was able to help in implementing or improving accounting systems that allowed for clarity of numbers and ease of access to company files. Now, I am committed to helping those small businesses be the best they can be by using technology in their favor to save them time better spent elsewhere.

Your next question might be, how can I do the same?

I can help in assessing the current systems in place and strategise bookkeeping systems to streamline, facilitate, and automate financial data. This will empower small business owners to make confident decisions for their business and their lives.

If you would like to chat with me personally to strategise your books it’s super easy!  Just contact me.